WOW! Just Wow! You and Your Team Clearly Delivered!

Meet Jesse. Jesse is a senior in high school @sussextech in Northwest NJ. Attending and succeeding in a project-driven, hands-on Engineering Program was not easy during COVID. Jesse has always liked to challenge himself and stay busy and fit but with virtual learning, he was left with more free time than he liked. The list of activities that were canceled was long: basketball, youth group, in-person classes, lifeguarding, weight room workouts, and engineering competition workshop projects.

Recognizing Jesse's capacity to maintain his top 5 class ranking and juggle a multitude of commitments we worked to help Jesse find a remote volunteering opportunity that would help him continue to gain valuable experience, feed his intellectual curiosity and boost his application — all the while staying engaged during those long months of remote learning. @elevatedadmit often works with @give3600 a firm dedicated to connecting high schools students with nonprofits. Jesse spent over a year working with @steme.ycdp. STEME is a Youth Career Development Program that educates kids & teens in STEM and Entrepreneurship. One of the cool things Jesse got to do was interview engineers in the field and create YouTube videos of the interviews.

Will Jesse join the Class of '26 @coloradoschoolofmines, @drexeladmission, @universityofri, @njit, @rochesterinstituteoftechnology @rowanuniversity? He's still waiting on a few more schools.


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