Terms and conditions

*UPGRADING PACKAGES: Packages can be upgraded at any time up until September 1 of a student's senior year.

*CALCULATION OF HOURS: All phone calls/text messages, emails, research included in the hourly calculation.

*SENIOR RUSH FEES: Due to the increased demand during the fall and holiday period, fees increase as we get closer to application deadlines. Monthly increments start increasing on August 1. Package plans increase by $250/package/month.


Writing is a process that is often messy and non-linear in nature. Providing critiques of writing is a subjective business—and also sometimes messy and non-linear in nature. (This is why the publishing world has writers, editors, copy editors, and proofreaders, as well as the terms first pass, second pass, first proof, and second proof.)

We are by no means here to be hired pens for students; rather, this is about them and their work. However, you are hiring us to coach them through the process, and part of writing effective narratives is allowing them to evolve. Your student may find some discomfort in this, and that is completely normal. They will grow accustomed to the process and will learn a great deal as they work through it. However, we don’t want to step on anyone’s toes.


1. Disclosing student’s academic history, including report cards, official score reports from standardized testing and other critical details.
2. Scheduling appointments, visits, and interviews to schools/colleges
3. Responding to communication from CompassU
4. Meeting target dates for essays and assigned tasks
5. Maintaining communication with the high school counselor and following high school guidance protocol
6. Sending official test scores to colleges
7. Securing academic and personal recommendations
8. Completing and sending applications
9. Applications must be the student’s own original work


Early Decision/Early Action Applications must be complete and approved by parent(s) and student by October 15.
Regular Decision Applications must be complete and approved by parent(s) and student by December 1. $500 Late Fee for missed deadlines. $100/week thereafter.


Consultant will make every good faith effort, utilizing her knowledge and expertise to effect a suitable placement, however, results cannot be guaranteed and the designated fees are payable whether or not placement or other desired results are accomplished. Fees are to be paid in full even if the consultant is instructed by the responsible party to terminate her efforts after commencement of the process, or if the client withdraws, is expelled, or for any other reason leaves his/her school or program.

Effectiveness of consultant’s efforts is directly related to the family providing complete and accurate social, emotional, and educational records. The consultant makes suggestions based upon these records, discussions, knowledge and experience. The ultimate decision for enrollment resides solely with the family.

By signing below, I am indicating that I understand and agree on the following:
1. There is a direct correlation between effort and outcome.
2. My student is responsible for completing the work.
3. CompassU will not be completing college applications in full or in part.
4. CompassU doesn’t guarantee admission to college.

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