I Hired Jessie Sophomore Year!

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Jessie has been helping and supporting my triplets since their sophomore year! We started with her at that time because the kids were looking to get additional advice as high achieving student-athletes (besides just that of their guidance counselor at school) as far as helping them with their schedules and deciding how many Honors and AP classes to take. She helped us in those early days with class selections, tutors, and SAT/ACT prep recommendations.

Then moving on to junior year, by that time she knew my kids well and was able to suggest college lists and majors. My kids were always comfortable meeting and talking honestly with her. She always knew exactly how much pressure to put on each of them according to their personalities. I was always impressed with her timeliness of answering my questions too! She is not just there for the students, but for the parents as well.


Publication date: February 4, 2020


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