Links Worth Sharing — Lessons From the Olympics for Students Writing the Common App Essay

SOURCE: The Huffington Post SOURCE: The Huffington Post

"I just have to write ONE ESSAY, right?"

This is the question I hear from parents, from students, and just about anyone that hasn't been through the admissions process lately.

"Well, that's not usually the case," is my typical response before I go into the ACTUAL number of essays. This recent Huffington Post Blog by Stacey Brooks highlights lessons that the Olympics can offer to students as they wrestle with just what to write. Brooks takes on each of the prompts and offers up sage advice that illuminates the truth that every student has a story to share and life has a way of presenting opportunities that have the potential to bring our best selves front and center.
You do not have to be an Olympian to have a moment that clearly stands out for you as one in which you felt like something shifted and your responsibilities and experience of the world changed. — Stacey Brooks
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