Acceptance Season 2015

colleges, logos College Logo Collage: A few of the schools where Compass-U students have received acceptances.

Acceptance Season 2015

What is just as gratifying as seeing students get into a top-choice school?

•Empowering them to articulate their strengths

•Encouraging them to write a compelling story about something they care deeply about

•Engaging them in a process in a way that gives them hope, intrigues them, and sparks their curiosity.

How do we know this? Because with more than 90{475f6e8ad7be3161114314a988b7e8f491719bdeedead1da50322e1eadee8259} of Compass-U’s students getting into a top-choice school—not to mention that a majority received merit-aid as well—we’ve seen all these things first hand time and again. And we never get tired of it.

Let us get these results for your student, too! It has been my privilege to work with many students and their families during the college admissions cycle. And when the process is undertaken in the right way, it yields benefits far beyond, and potentially more long-lasting, than the ‘big news’ moment.

Join us at our next College Conversations & Coffee. Or, call to see how we can help your student make the most of the long road to choosing a college.


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