My Top Eleven Things from '21

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In my last newsletter, I promised to share a list of eleven things that went really well last year as part of what I have come to call the Anti-Resolution Movement (ARM). The idea came to me after starting to read, The Gap and the Gain: the High Achiever's Guide to Happiness, Confidence, and Success by Dan Sullivan with Dr. Benjamin Hardy.

I had a vision of sitting contemplatively with a cup of green tea under a blanket with my dogs snuggled on the couch as I happily reflected on what went really well. Here I am, two weeks later, realizing that while I have thought a lot about how to stay "In the Gain" and have caught myself (thoughts and actions included) "In the Gap," the newsletter is due out this week and I had yet to even start my list. I decided to adjust my list to include things that went both pretty well and things that I am grateful for. As I have continued to listen to the book, I've learned those focal points are how you get to spend more time "In the Gain".

Jessie's Top Eleven Things from '21

  • Enjoyed the luxury of walking with my four-legged canines in wooded spaces on a daily basis
  • Found a few amazing colleagues to join our team here at Elevated Admissions (who continue to amaze me!)
  • Rebranded my business to reflect our core mission: facilitating purpose through elevating others
  • Identified a handful of television series that my husband and I both enjoy binge-watching together: Ted Lasso and For All Mankind are favorites
  • Thankful that three rounds of vaccinations are completed across three generations of my family. Phew! 
  • (Extra) thankful that I was whisked away on a tropical vacation by a dear friend (there is so much to be said about saltwater and sand)
  • Supported over 30 college applicants, two prep school/ski academy applicants, an aspiring dentist, and a physician assistant hopeful in gaining entrance to schools at or near the top of their wish lists
  • Stoked and thankful to still be able to bike with Dave after he shattered his elbow and endured three surgeries in six months' time
  • Indebted to our healthcare and service workers who continue to step up in unprecedented conditions these last two years
  • Grateful that my teens have a grandmother who continues to show love from her home across the country by assisting with homework reminders, stalking their races on live-timing, and checking in with the twenty-somethings
  • So proud to witness our eldest daughter don her White Coat as she set off on her journey to become a physician

I’d still love to hear what went really well for you last year because while I put off writing that list, it made me smile this afternoon and good things are made better by sharing. 

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