Elevated Admissions Saved Us! 

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Jessie Martin and Elevated Admissions saved us! 

My son had begun his college application the summer before his senior year, and he had met with a local college advisor from another company. As we got closer to deadline day, we realized that he still had no idea where to apply or what to study in college, and his application was nowhere near where it needed to be. Based on many recommendations, we reached out to Jessie Martin at Elevated Admissions. 

With only three weeks before the early-admission application deadline, time was not on our side. Jessie sprung into action immediately. My son had a zoom meeting with Jessie, and she formulated an action plan. Jessie has a way of talking to teenagers that simply works. Her calm demeanor, outgoing personality, and highly organized methods immediately put my son at ease. She created a series of reasonable goals for him to achieve, which made the process much less overwhelming. This led to him putting forth significant effort to create a very strong application. 

Jessie asked pointed questions to my son during their meetings, which helped him develop a sense of what he wanted to study in college and where he should apply. Their discussions helped flesh out exactly what he wanted to write for his essays. The editors at Elevated Admissions reviewing the essays were remarkable and very responsive. When my son would submit an essay, he would have feedback shortly thereafter which allowed the writing process to move quickly and with purpose. 

In a matter of three weeks, my son went from having a disorganized approach to applying to college to a very strong and organized application ready for the early-action deadline. Had it not been for Jessie and her team at Elevated Admissions, this would not have been possible. Now, only 6 weeks after submitting his application, he has two college acceptances and an academic scholarship! 


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