The Back to School Churn Is In the Air

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Do you ever experience feelings of Back to School churn or am I the only one? (I tell myself I can't be alone on this.)

When July's long summer nights start to shorten and get cooler as we slide into August, the churn gathers energy. Forms, physicals, new notebooks, and whatever is left on the summer bucket list — it all has to go on the calendar now lest I find myself again in a shoe store over Labor Day weekend trying frantically to find a pair of school shoes that even fit my teen. 

Don't even mention the summer homework assignments that invariably require far more hours of work than the teen expected and might even require an after-dinner run to Walmart for a presentation board and styrofoam balls (just please don't say glitter).

The back-to-school August churn is its own storm system, and for parents of high school teens – especially rising juniors and seniors with an eye on college – the approach of summer's end can kick the storm category rating to hurricane levels. 

At Elevated Admissions, we have packages that can relieve some of that stress. 

If you are looking for one-on-one admissions coaching, we have three levels of service, ranging from a package to help seniors polish their application to The Comprehensive package, that offers students and families support every step of the way.

You can learn more about our admissions coaching packages HERE. Our Class of 2022 is nearly full with just a few slots available and the Class of 2023 is already growing quickly. 

If your student isn't fully in the college admissions process, but needs test prep or academic tutoring, we also offer tutoring packages with an award-winning tutor, available HERE

Last but not least, hang in there – we're in this together – and hang on to as much of that July summer feeling as you can! You can't get it back. 

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