Get to Know the Three Elephants of Fit

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Assisting your teen in finding a college that is the right FIT for them is undoubtedly complex, and a major source of stress on parents and student alike because it must take into account dozens of factors that may or may not be readily apparent. Additionally, the foundation for each of those factors can shift at a moment's notice. 

Identifying the Fit is a family affair, and at Elevated Admissions, we break it down by saying that there are three key elephants in this room. The three are Academic, Social and Financial, and all three need to align for a college to make the final cut and go on your student's college list.

Because identifying the Fit is such a critical and complicated piece of the college admissions puzzle, we will be sharing a series of posts on our Facebook and Instagram pages over the next few weeks diving deeper into various components of this decision-making process.

In the meantime, one of our core philosophies at EA is to help families and students acknowledge fears big and small — so let's ADDRESS THOSE ELEPHANTS in the room to feel empowered, avoid missteps, and bypass roadblocks.

Below you'll find a top-line list of just *some* of the issues that will arise as you and your teen consider each of the three elephants. Familiarizing yourself with this document, and starting to think through and talk about which elements matter most to you and your teen is a great way to start breaking down the finding the Fit process into manageable pieces.

Click here to request a copy of The Three Elephants of Fit snapshot guide.

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