Takeaways from the 2021 Admissions Cycle

I recently participated in a Clubhouse chat with 125 of my esteemed admissions coaching colleagues across the country. Going full wonk talking about admissions is what we like to do best.

"What the Heck Just Happened?" was the way one of my colleagues so aptly described this past admissions cycle during the open chat. 

Here are the things I heard repeated by multiple consultant and coaches: 

  • This year's decisions were the most unpredictable they had ever seen. 
  • The number of applications to selective institutions skyrocketed. 
  • Acknowledgment of where we are at collectively as a society needed to be addressed in an authentic way.
  • Students who had good test scores got better offers, even in the context of the test-optional movement (SAT or ACT, APs).
  • The new term on the street is Highly Rejective* rather than Highly Selective.
  • A family's ability to pay is an increasing factor.
  • A student's school list needs to be carefully thought out and balanced.

As a consultant, the first four issues are causing me to spend more time this year digging into my firm's stats (our acceptance rates** held, phew). My intention is to think through what more we can be doing to ensure that the students and families we work with end up feeling not just empowered by the process, but deeply engaged with their intrinsic intellectual curiosity.

What does being proactive look like in a parent, an applicant, or in a student? I put together this short video to give you some ideas. 

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* Coined by Akil Bello, senior director of advocacy and advancement at the National Center for Fair & Open Testing

** 90% of our students landed at their top choice, fully 100% at one or more of their top three choices

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