The Test Prep Plus Package

You recognize the value in individualized and targeted test prep that will get results. You also want to know that your student's test submission strategy is maximizing their admissions chances. 

The Test Prep Plus Package includes: 

  • Twelve one-on-one sessions (~90 min/each/remote*)
  • Self-administered baseline ACT  and SAT practice exams
  • Scoring and evaluation of exams and recommendations on SAT or ACT focus
  • Testing timeline recommendations
  • Targeted prep assignments tailored to your student
  • Strategic test-submission strategy

* In-person tutoring available within 50 miles of Nutley, NJ. Additional fees apply. $100 travel fee/session. You may choose a combination of remote and in-person sessions.

The data shows that students who submit test scores earn admission at higher rates than those who don't. Additionally, merit aid at many schools is directly tied to test scores. 

Your student's test scores are just one component of their application. Their test prep and test-submission strategy need to be considered within the context of their overall application.

Students who follow the system developed by Vic in our Test Prep Plus Package will, on average, raise their SAT by 150–200 points and/or their ACT by 3–5 points. This package can also be used to prep for the following standardized exams.

  • SAT
  • ACT
  • PSAT
  • GRE
  • SSAT

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