🥁🥁🥁Drumroll, please! We've Rebranded! Here's Why...


You may have noticed something new around here.

Since launching my educational consulting practice in 2014, we’ve had three "official" names and – I am embarrassed to admit – several additional “unofficial” names. In a world where branding becomes seemingly more important by the day, consistency means a lot. And yet, throughout my professional life, I have had to pivot, reinvent myself, shift markets and embrace change. As they say, change is the one thing that's inevitable, right?

Our first name was Compass-U Educational Consulting, LLC, which remains the official name on our business filing. I wanted to convey that each student's admissions journey needs to start with their unique attributes in order to be authentic and effective.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t afford to purchase the tidy "CompassU" domain name, so I had to settle for the dreaded hyphened version. Try being on a phone call and attempting to communicate the "Compass-U" email address or website: “Compass, like the scouts use to find their way in a forest, and a dash – you know, a hyphen – then, 'u', not 'you' as in you as a person, but the letter – lowercase – for the domain name but then an upper case for our actual name...”

Yeah – not so ELEVATED.

The heart of what I set out to do eight years ago is the same: we start with helping students connect with their inner life, find their unique personal "compass," and acknowledge their worth and value on this planet. We then take stock of their accomplishments and help them position themselves to take the important next step into college at a school that's a good fit for who they are. Working with dozens of families and students each year has taught me so much. The admissions process, done well, can have far-reaching effects by helping students glimpse their potential as they step into young adulthood.

I wanted our name to reflect what I've learned (and, to be honest, I wanted to never talk about hyphens ever again). 

After months of deliberation, domain name searches, and trademark research, we are now officially "Elevated Admissions."

New name. New logo. New tagline: Sane Parents, Empowered Students, Proven Results

Same mission – but elevated.

On behalf of myself and the team at Elevated Admissions, we sincerely thank you for being part of our community.

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