Jessie and Her Team Kept Me Sane

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Hollie, whose daughter was accepted at Muhlenberg University, wrote the following testimonial for Elevated Admissions. “Jessie was absolutely wonderful for Emily... She also kept me sane. Emily. Was a somewhat unique situation. We did not use a college coach when Emily was looking for colleges the first time around. She was a 4.0 plus student with all honors and AP courses. Emily also was going the student-athlete route. We decided on a small school outside of Boston. From the moment Emily arrived for pre-season she was miserable. We knew early on that Emily would be transferring. A dear friend recommended Jessie. We first reached out to her in early October. Jessie immediately started working with Emily. She did anything and everything to help her stay focused at school and begin to think about a new college. In a short amount of time, Jessie helped Emily find schools, redo essays, and all that fun college stuff. I am happy to say Emily transferred this semester to Muhlenberg College. It is a perfect fit for Em. She is even still playing soccer and following her biology path. Emily also was on the Dean’s list last semester at her old school. Jessie and her team are to thank for all of this. She helped to turn a very negative few months into a positive learning curve!”


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