A Student Named Liv That Contracted an Acute Case of Senioritis

Did you know that college acceptances are "contingent" on your performance?

After the rush of applications and push to bump up your GPA, some may succumb to the lure of leisure, of showing up a little less academically. Of posting on social media sites sharing about your "in-school" staycation.

A few years back a student named Liv shrieked with excitement when she received her acceptance letter to Super Selective College. She had taken the hardest classes, written dozens of papers, prepped for the ACT, scored well on two Subject Tests, earned five varsity letters and spent three hours weekly tutoring underprivileged students. She'd even received a "5" on her AP US History Exam.

The acceptance arrived in early December, and everybody was happy. In February, Liv decided to blow off studying for a few quizzes and failed to edit her papers. In March, she showed up a little less. Her GPA plummeted. She had contracted an acute case of Senioritis, and she didn't mind. In fact, she felt as if she was in her peak moment of high school. It couldn't get any better. She posted on social media a version of the following message: "I'm in at Super Selective. I've earned a break. The rest of my Senior year, I'm going to relax."

The admissions team at Super Selective College came across the post. Liv gasped with horror when she received news from Super Selective College that they were withdrawing her offer of admission in light of her post and her declining academic performance.


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