EA Success Stories: Justin — Middlebury College

Justin had a long list of schools including UChicago, Brown, Amherst and Tufts. His visit this exceptional school in VT. made him decided to be a Midd. He was accepted Early Decision.

Justin had a long list of schools including UChicago, Brown, Amherst and Tufts. His visit to Middlebury, an exceptional school in VT, clinched his decision to become a "Midd." The college thought so too, and accepted him Early Decision.

“When my oldest son graduated near the top of his class at Blair Academy, with test scores in the 99th percentile, my wife and I felt very comfortable that he would have a number of top colleges from which to choose. As it turns out, we didn’t have a clue how difficult and emotional the entire process would be – for all of us.

The college admissions department had provided our son with assistance, but we realized too late that they could not provide the direct guidance and 1:1 assistance that today’s competitive college admissions process demands. When the time came for our second son to begin the application process, my wife and I decided to engage a professional that could help guide our son and provide personal assistance in what has become a highly competitive and complex process. After all, in business I consult experts frequently to make sure our company is doing all the right things to be successful and to mitigate risk – why not the same for my son?

For us, the expert we needed was Jessie Martin. Her impact was immediate. She taught our son how to network with admissions officers, prepare for interviews, and write about himself in way that was authentic and self-assured. Her tutors reviewed his tests and coached him on specific ways to increase his scores. And perhaps most importantly, my wife and I knew we were taking as much risk out of the process as possible.

The investment paid off, as his first choice was Middlebury College, where he received Early Decision acceptance in December. Our son was delighted by the outcome, and my wife and I were relieved and thankful that Jessie was there to guide us every step of the way.”

— Ken & Janice

Originally Posted: Jun 12, 2015


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