How can the Elevated Admissions approach
help you and your student?

Imagine an admissions journey where you stay SANE, your student feels EMPOWERED and they land with STELLAR RESULTS. 

Our approach works:

100% of the students who have chosen to work with us* have been accepted to one or more of their TOP THREE COLLEGE CHOICES. Even better? Fully 90% of our students* are accepted at their #1 CHOICE OF COLLEGE. 

And, if your family needs merit aid to make COLLEGE AFFORDABLE, we can help with that, too. Our students, on average, NET $40K-$160K in scholarships.

Let's get started.

 — Jessie & the Elevated Admissions team

* Statistics reflect the admissions results for students who have participated in our Comprehensive package.

  • Elevated Admissions

    “We hired Jessie during my triplets' sophomore year. She was always so prompt in returning a text or phone call! Each of my children learned so much and landed at their top choices. I highly recommend Jessie and her team at Elevated Admissions.”

    Parent - MIT, Penn, & Penn State

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College Admissions Packages

The Comprehensive
— for Juniors and Seniors

You'd like support for you and your student every step of the way. Your student needs a list of schools that fit, a winning application, as well as guidance on interfacing with admissions.

(You may also have a few questions!)

By far, our most popular plan. This package is for both U.S. and international high school students. 

College & Transfer

The Concierge
— for Juniors and Seniors

You would like some one-on-one
support for both you and your student. Your student needs a list of schools that fit and a winning application. 

You have the option of upgrading to
The Comprehensive Package. *

* Our one-on-one packages have limited availability, upgrading is dependent on team availability in each given year. For U.S. high school student only. 

The App Review
— for Seniors

The App Review is designed for seniors that want a set of professional eyes to review their application and provide valuable game-changing feedback prior to hitting submit. It includes one parent consult, two student sessions, and outside editorial reviews.

Phew, now you AND your student can sleep better.

  • Elevated Admissions

    “Jessie had an amazing ability to understand my teen and quickly developed a rapport with him that made him want to work harder and get the tedious tasks done. ”

    — Parent, St. Lawrence University

More One-on-One Packages

The Admissions Optimizer
— for Freshmen and Sophomores

The Optimizer Package is for freshmen and sophomores to help them create a roadmap of success where they can leverage their unique interests and skillsets throughout high school in such a way that enhances their positioning once it is time to begin their college admissions process.

At Elevated Admissions, our mission is to empower each student with the self-awareness of what intrinsically motivates them and where their unique strengths lie, so that they, in turn, can become more proactive rather than reactive in their educational journey. 


The Prep School &/or
Ski Academy
— for Middle Schoolers

You're looking for guidance for you and your student on landing at the best-fit secondary school experience.  Whether you are looking for a traditional boarding school or a ski academy placement, we can help. Our team also has expertise in working with LD students.

 Your student needs a list of schools that fit, guidance on admissions interface, and a winning application. 


The Test Prep

Elevated Admissions offers over 50 years of combined experience in college admissions, education, and test prep to give your student the one-on-one support and strategic advice they need to make their metrics work for them.

Click here to learn more about our award-winning tutor.

  • Elevated Admissions

    “Jessie and her team helped my daughter articulate her own vision of where she wanted to attend and why.

    Money well spent. ”

    — Parent, University of Wisconsin

Other Offerings

The Postgraduate Package for Student-Athletes
— for Postgraduates

This package is available as an add-on to our Comprehensive students. The EA student evaluation is completed as part of the Comprehensive package. As such, we are able to offer the PG Add-on option at 50% of the Comprehensive cost, which covers:

  • a full secondary application cycle
  • ongoing academic preparedness plan
  • guidance on appropriate post-graduate programs
  • a new list
  • new application platform(s) (where relevant)
The Supplemental Essay Package
— for our Comprehensive and Concierge clients

On average, students write 8 to 12 supplemental essays. Some students write two to three dozen supplemental essays. These are  critical components of your student's application.

This option is exclusive to our Comprehensive and Concierge clients and includes: 

  • Up to 10 supplemental essays
  • Two sessions per essay
  • Outside editorial reviews
The Resume 
— for Everyone

While resumes are included as part of of our Comprehensive and Concierge packages, we do offer editorial support to develop and polish resumes on an a la carte basis.

A resume is a living document that evolves over time. An admissions resume more often than not needs to evolve to serve other needs such as when an undergrad applies for an internship or a student is applying to graduate school or a new position in the workplace. Many students return to us as their resume needs arise.

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