College Admissions Boot Camp for Parents

An Elevated Admissions Course

Starting June 8th, 2021

What will this College Admissions Boot Camp Cover? 

A lot has changed about the admissions process and it is now -- arguably  -- one of the most complicated, stressful, and overwhelming periods of parenting. And that's why Elevated Admissions launched this Boot Camp.

Whether your teen is a freshman just starting to think about college, or a junior already on the front edge of the process, our Boot Camp is designed to take you from feeling overwhelmed to being informed and ready to guide your student through all of the stages required. 

We'll cover six core topics over eight weeks, allowing for a two week break over Fourth of July. At the end of each thirty minute session, there will be fifteen minutes for Q&A so you can make sure you really understand the material. Plus, all of the sessions will be posted on our website so you will be able to reference the material in real time later, as you're working with your student.


SESSION ONE - The Timeline
What needs to happen and when? An overview of all the components that make up the applications process, including when to get started. We include a PDF timeline to guide you after the course.

SESSION TWO - The Application(s)
There are dozens of application platforms and application types. There is a also a laundry list of items that your student will need to create and gather as well as choices on how best to spend their time on extracurricular activities. Where the components of an application and your unique student meet.

SESSION THREE - The Fit (Academic, Social & Financial)
Strategies on how to gauge each of the three key aspects involved in identifying schools that are an appropriate fit for both your family and for your student.

THE BREAK - Two weeks off over Fourth of July

How to build a balanced list of prospective colleges that includes "Likely," "Profile," and "Reach" schools, and how to create a winning plan to approach each school on the list.

Navigating admissions events, campus visits, and deconstructing "demonstrated interest" to narrow down and prioritize your student's college list.  

How to approach Application Strategizing 101 by understanding application types and test-optional policies in order to maximize your student's chances.

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